The four tutorial files contain the most important commands and parameter options currently available in custEM. Users can comment or uncomment all arguments and keyword arguments to explore the usage of custEM.


  • As custEM requies MPI for all realistic simulations, the jupyter notebooks are currently not maintained because embedding MPI runs in jupyter notebooks does not work robustly. Please refer to the python files instead.

  • Only the meshgen tutorials work as jupyter notebook. For running simulations, please use the provided Python script equivalent to the jupyter notebook. Run simulations such as the run_tutorial.py python script by calling it from the command line with the mpirun syntax:

    –> mpirun -n 4 python run_tutorial.py

    Here, 4 parallel MPI processes are used.

Without modification, the provided “run” example requires about 7 GB of RAM and can be conducted in serial or parallel (please remember that even in serial, the “mpirun -n 1 python run_tutorial.py” syntax is required.

The html docs are also accessible from the main documentation of custEM The run_tutorial is independed from the meshgen_tutorial, but the plot_tutorial depends on the run_tutorial. Therefore, for using the plot_tutorial, it is necessary to run the FE computations before.

Mesh generation

meshgen_tutorial topo_mesh_tutorial